About Us

Train From Anywhere is a cost effective online education platform for consultants and trainers that allows you to transform your lifestyle and increase your profits, because by going online you can ‘train from anywhere.’

Our web designers and web developers will produce an online training portal mirroring your corporate brand. You then add your own course material, as many courses as you want, and all you have to do is decide how much you will charge your students!

We can also work with you to produce bespoke professional video tutorials, quizzes, audio and text resources which you can offer to your clients economically if this is an additional service you need.

Consultants’ clients/student benefits

  • Employers no longer need to loose their staff during working hours to complete CPD;
  • Unlimited access to the course;
  • The course can be accessed via any device;
  • Manageable time bound learning modules allow the learner to progress at their pace without losing progress or having to start again;
  • Learning can take place at a time to suit the learner;
  • A completion certificate can be printed for HR files and audit purposes;
  • Disclaimers can be included;
  • Lower course costs to clients/students

Consultant/trainer benefits

  • Your training platform is built to include your logo and corporate colours;
  • We will guide you on how to add your first course;
  • Learners can login via your website;
  • Learners pay via your site;
  • You pay us a one off build fee which will be considerably less than building your own:
  • We invoice you for each course you sell at a previously agreed percentage fee;
  • You can offer your courses at a fraction of the cost without compromising quality.
  • You can change your work/life balance, have more time with increased profits and ‘train from anywhere!’